The Time Box or A Letter To Myself……..(For lack of a better title that I may change one day)

Dear Moreana

This letter is going to seem very strange to you because it’s coming from your future and it’s written by you.  I will explain…One day a very old man I have never seen before in my entire life walked up to me and presented to me a very strange little box.  This old man who seemed older than time itself said that this box had the power to send it’s contents back in time to any location that you picked but it could only be used once per person, and to be very careful what I chose to put inside.  I did’nt know what to say to him…this was all so very strange and unbelievable.  I asked him why did he choose to give me this box, there were so many people in the world he could give it to, why pick me?  He told me that he recieved the box yesterday, and inside the box was a letter that explained the box and that he was to take it to me (you). The letter said where I would be at this exact time on this day.  Well I have thought a long time about how I would use this box, and I have decided to write a letter to you, my younger self, and tell you what you I feel you need to know and why.

You are a very talented and creative person with a wonderful heart who would rather hurt yourself than be cruel to someone else. You are also stronger than you will ever realize. You are going to go through a lot of experiences in your life that would crumble most people, but you have a strength that is amazing and you will go on.  A lot of people that are supposed to love you and protect you will hurt you very deeply but you will be able to forgive them because that is the wonderful heart you have I mentioned earlier.  You have a wonderful imagination…use it to your greatest benefit and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything.  The things that you are going to go through in your life don’t have to hold you back, they can make you better and stronger and build your character.  You can use your experiences to your advantage as well, I suggest that you do, because maybe that is why you had them to begin with.  They say God only allows us to go through what He knows we can handle…somtimes I question that though, how could God allow all that you are going to go through to happen, I don’t know, obviously He is putting you through these fires to make you who you are going to be, maybe He is allowing it because at some point in your life your are going to need to be strong for others, maybe you are going to go through some things that we have not experienced yet that would completely destroy someone else, or maybe He is just fueling our writing who knows.  You stay who you are, don’t change for someone else, and don’t let other people determine you path, don’t feel bad if other people don’t approve or like what you choose to do with your life, because after all, it is your life, and you have to live in it, and you need to be happy.  Forgive yourself for the choices you will inevitably make that don’t work out, and if the choices you do make don’t work out the way other people want them to then remember that is their problem not yours. I will advise you though to think very hard about getting married at a very young age, it’s not going to work out. You will have three children, one will die because of war, one will be born with special challenges and will overcome them because you made her that way, one will be kept from you for a portion of her life, not because of somthing you did wrong, but because of a choice you will make to love her more than destroy her. In the Bible King Soloman was faced with two woman who claimed to be a infants mother, they both wanted the baby, King Soloman said to cut the infant in half and give them each a part of the baby, the real mother spoke up and said no, let her have the child.

In closing I just want you to know how wonderful you really are, because you are, you have a great heart and a great capacity to love other people who don’t really care about you, your kind, and generous, and who cares if others don’t always see it, because you and I know and God knows and that is really all that matters.

Take care of yourself very well because you will have great illness in your life that will cause even more challenges for you to get through…but you will get through them I promise.

I love you very much

Moreana (yourself)

P.S.  Also think about how you will use that little box.  Maybe give it to the little old man in the black coat….I think he is the keeper of the box, you will see him one day and he will tell you he is hungry, you will invite him in and feed him because that is the way you are, and he will thank you and say God will bless you greatly. Just how I don’t know.

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