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The flowers around here are all in bloom.  We have two Rhododendron along the driveway, the blooms are amazing.  Rhododendren are  in the Azalea family…I did not realize this until I started researching them, you can see how the blooms resemble each other,  they look like great big pink snowballs…I love them.


We have a few Azalea bushes as well, they don’t seem to be doing all that great though except for one..I think I will need to move the ones that are not doing as well.

We have a few rose bushes along the side of the house…I think they are Tea Roses’ because they are rather small.  My favorite one is a red and yellow varigated one, it is so pretty.

We have a Peony bush in the front of the house which I have fallen in love with…I definately want more of these, the blooms are the most gorgeous color.

Well I hope you enjoyed the flower show…I know I do.  Can you imagine a world with no flowers in it..ever?

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